Why Black History Month is still relevant?

Every year as we approach October, the debate question is dusted off and we ask ‘is Black History Month relevant?’ I will read the magazine articles and debates and listen to the radio shows on the subject and wonder why are we still debating this question?

When we started Black History Studies nearly five years ago, we saw that there is a need to celebrate Black History throughout the year and not to wait until someone in the Department of Education decides to put Black History on the National Curriculum.

Black History Studies believe that Black History Month is still relevant, because sadly, this is the only time for some people in the community to start to learn or show an interest in their history and heritage. It seems like people only realise that we have a rich history in October and then forget about this rich history come November 1st and will not look at our history and heritage until the next Black History Month.

At Black History Studies we deliver events and courses throughout the year, not only covering Black History, but also Black Studies. We would love to see more people in our community make more of an effort to educate themselves and their family by taking a serious interest in Black History and Black Studies all year round and not wait until the month of October to do this.

Black History Month is our busiest time of the year. We have supported local authorities who have had their budgets slashed and or have no budgets to put on events and keep the Black History Month on the agenda. I commend the people in the local authorities who have fought to keep Black History Month alive even though they are under tremendous pressure from others who do not see the importance of celebrating Black History Month.  However, when you speak to the organisers, they are finding it harder to justify putting on these events, because people don’t regularly attend.

If it was a Holocaust Remembrance or a Diwali event, the room would be full. So we are asking our community, how many Black History Month events did you attend in October? If your reason for not attending was you did not like the programme, did you write in to suggest alternative events, or offer your services to help organise events for the following year? There is a well known phrase that says ‘You never miss the water until the well runs dry’. My final question is; are we going to wait for Black History Month to be cut completely before we take an interest?


About blackhistorystudies

Black History Studies is a social enterprise company which operates in the interest of the community by offering courses and events in Adult Education. We aim to empower the African and Caribbean community and enable them to develop self knowledge and identity through Black History and Culture. Black History Studies aim to provide a wide range of courses and activities which will provide people with the opportunity to pursue their interest in Black History and Black Studies. We also aim to provide high quality courses and activities that can be accessed by all within the community. Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower people through Black History and Black Studies by educating the community to educate themselves thereby creating a self-sustaining learning circle. Black History Studies is dedicated to providing you with a high quality and professional service and can offer services such as: - Bespoke services for Secondary Schools - Black History and Black Studies Presentations - Black History Course for Families - 5 week short courses on Black History - Beginners and Advanced Black Studies Courses - Weekend courses on Black History and Black Studies - Museum Tours - Film Screenings - Black History Studies Presentations for hire
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One Response to Why Black History Month is still relevant?

  1. Lorna Campbell says:

    Greetings Black History Studies. Congratulations on your achievements. I too have to wonder about the participation and zest for knowledge about African and African Caribbean history.

    The African holocaust caused by Africans inability to understand the mentality of European greed and barbarism, destroyed the natural trajectory and development of African civilizations and African economic and political base, set the sustainable socio economic development of the great African continent on downwards spiral.

    In terms of time spans chattel slavery may have only represented a blip but that blip has had catastrophic effect, leaving a bitter legacy whereby every nation interacts with Africans as though we are second class citizens. War and economic deprivation caused by the West and played out in African land continues to oppress, exploit and murder Africans, whilst simultaneously robbing the African continent of its riches and resources. The same pattern of exploitation and oppression continues to replicate itself in the Caribbean. The world continues to benefit from African resources. The only people who do not benefit from African resources are Africans.

    It’s outrageous and unbelievable that the Caribbean and Africa continue to pay the West for the end of chattel slavery and colonization. How many other nations are indebted to the west because of west imposed slavery, holocaust,and continued marginalization, oppression and exploitation . Considering the harshness of the chattel slavery system I give thanks and praise to the strength and wisdom of those great Africans who survived that holocaust. The African Caribbean people are a mosaic of Africans who survived the brutes by holding on to African traditions and creating new traditions to survive.

    When I learn more about African history, it is with pride, joy and sadness. Our Ancestors created so much. Our Ancestors were so knowledgeable, creative and skillful to the extent that rather than admit they did not have the skills or knowledge about medicine, engineering, archaeology, science or art, the west destroyed what it could, hid the rest and continues to wipe out and distort African history and contributions to western civilization by recasting African history negatively from a conqueror’s perspective and simultaneously embedding racist ideology in education and other institutions of the state as well as exporting lies and distortions abroad to continue racist oppression. Yet we survive…. It’s good to know our history ancient and contemporary. In terms of development it would be good for everyone ~ especially Africans to understand how organizations like the World Bank, the IMF, EU, UN, etc are used against Afrikans.

    There are many Afrikan centered organizations working to build an international movement for Africans so we can reclaim our rightful place in order that Africans where ever we are in the world are not only recognised but treated with dignity and respect. The time is well overdue for Afrikans to move beyond survival and start living. Black History Studies is part of the humanitarian struggle. Congratulations.

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