The Black Market- Sunday 21st October 2012

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On Sunday 21st October 2012, Black History Studies organised the ‘Black Market’ event which aimed to:

  • Showcase and connect Black cultural and creative entrepreneurs to the community
  • Increase the exposure of Black cultural and creative sector’s participation in the wider community
  • To provide a platform to sell their products, promote their skills and engage with the local and surrounding community.

We screened two films Money As Debt and Black, Bold and Beautiful: Black Women’s Hair which were followed by discussions. We also had two presentations on Entrepreneurship, Business, Money and Career Development using Kametic Astroscience with Bro Shomari and Carry-Beyond Reflections on why they never went home with Dr Lez Henry.

We believe that the event went well and we received some good positive feedback form delegates and stallholders. The engineering works that closed the Victoria line did not disrupt the event too much as we were concerned that this may cause problems for people travelling to the event.

These events are vital to support businesses in the community as we do not have the luxury of large marketing budgets to highlight our work so we need event like these to showcase the community talent and to encourage entrepreneurship and the circulation of the pound within the community.

We would like to thank Sonia Scully and Lorna Campbell of the Public and Commercial Services Union for their support with this event. We are hoping to organise another event in December so watch this space!

Check out a vblog from LolasCurls who attended our event

About blackhistorystudies

Black History Studies is a social enterprise company which operates in the interest of the community by offering courses and events in Adult Education. We aim to empower the African and Caribbean community and enable them to develop self knowledge and identity through Black History and Culture. Black History Studies aim to provide a wide range of courses and activities which will provide people with the opportunity to pursue their interest in Black History and Black Studies. We also aim to provide high quality courses and activities that can be accessed by all within the community. Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower people through Black History and Black Studies by educating the community to educate themselves thereby creating a self-sustaining learning circle. Black History Studies is dedicated to providing you with a high quality and professional service and can offer services such as: - Bespoke services for Secondary Schools - Black History and Black Studies Presentations - Black History Course for Families - 5 week short courses on Black History - Beginners and Advanced Black Studies Courses - Weekend courses on Black History and Black Studies - Museum Tours - Film Screenings - Black History Studies Presentations for hire
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